Hello, I am Dwight and this is a little about me…

Who I am today professionally started long before my college and career life. Looking back, I have always loved being creative–drawing, coloring, painting, and creating stories especially the ones with heroes and great adventures. I was that kid in class that could draw really well and usually went above and beyond what my teachers expected. Sometimes I love to write just as much as draw, coming up with new ideas, concepts, and bringing the things to life that exist in my mind.

My interests and talents have translated into various positions for me over the past few years including being an entrepreneur, a graphic designer, website and media designer, as well as a web developer. At my core I am a visual designer who loves technology, communications, and working with people to do great things.

Outside of my work I love spending time with my beautiful family, exploring the outdoors, traveling, reading, and watching the latest Netflix series.

I look forward to the potential of working with you.ย  Drop me a line!